I grew up in a very wealthy family, full of love, respect and no partiality. My family consists of five persons. My dad (Alexander Johnson); my mum (Saphire Johnson); my brother (Alex (jnr)Johnson); my sister (Clara Johnson); and I (Belinda Johnson).

Being the last child, my family showed me so much love and I love my family very much, a minute without them was hell.

At age 14, I was left alone with my parent, my siblings traveled abroad to further their education. At first I couldn’t cope without them but I later got used to not having them around.

After three years I gained admission into Afe Babalola University, I didn’t travel out because my parent wanted me around.

My brother came back during my first year in school and we were all exicted to see him.

Before his arrival, my dad instructed me to come home from school to make plans on how to organize a welcome party for him. I came home but the only problem I had was I HATED PARTIES BECAUSE OF CROWD. I had no choice but to help in organizing the party.

My brother arrived at noon and we all welcomed him. I was so excited that I jumped on him holding him so tight like a hungry lion. I took him to the garden where the party was to take place and I said aloud, “SURPRISE”, he giggled and pulled my cheeks. Then my dad interrupted and escorted him to a chair where they both sat and talked.

I found my way back inside and proceeded to my room. I stayed in my room and was watching movies on my laptop. I later got bored and went into the kitchen to see if the party was over, I peeped from the window and it looked as if the party just started.

“WHEW” I said” as I opened a drink and sat on the dining chair, I later got engrossed with my phone that I didn’t know someone was standing at the door. “Uhmmm” he cleared his throat. I jumped and dropped my phone like a thief caught in an operation.

I”m sorry I startled you” he said and paused,

I looked at him, admiring his handsome Physique and cute face and also wondering what he was doing inside the kitchen.”

I’m John Makinde” he continued as he walked towards the sink with a drink in his hand.

“I’m Linda Johnson” I replied….

He stopped and turned, “you are Alex’s sister”. he said…. “That wasn’t a question” I thought and nodded. ”

Alex never told me he had another sister, I taught clara was his only sister ” He said, looking at me with shock.

Well…here I am” I said and smiled.

“Its nice meeting you” he said… ” my pleasure” I replied.

So,why are you not outside? ” he asked.

I smiled as I replied “I hate parties”

“Wooooow, what planet are you from” He said and laughed.

I frowned and said “I hate crowd”… he stopped laughing and sat beside me,he sipped his drink and asked “do u mind if I keep your company” ,

I looked at him and smiled “No” I said.

We talked and got to know a lot about eachother that day. We exchanged numbers and he left…..

To be continued….